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15 Jan 2003, 11:20
When shutting down the other day I found that a message window saying that proxy desktop wasn't closing and was it ok to kill it.

My question is what is proxy desktop?

I found a reference, the only one I could find in some web site via google that mentions the same thing so I know it's happened to other people. com/+%22proxy+desktop%22+not+shutting+down&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

It should be highlighted as it from googles cache, if not it's the first line after this one '5:43 am - idle thoughts and stuff'

15 Jan 2003, 11:59
Don't know......

Do you have an Active Desktop with Web Content??

See anything interesting in Outpost's Allowed or Blocked logs?

How about netstat or netstat -a?

Installed any new applications between a time when you know this did not occur and recently?

Run a spyware check with Ad-Aware or Spybot Search & Destroy?

Virus/Trojan scan?

Checked running processes....good process monitor at www.iarsn.com

This is all that I can come up with. I guess that I would do those things if I had a similar problem on my system. Hope that helps. :)

21 Jul 2004, 15:14
I am using XP Home set up for multiple users. I am the only user that experienced this problem. It also corresponds with an inability for shortcuts that point to folders to work, which means links to explorer on the Start menu (My Documents, etc.) will not work. Because the problem did not exist for other users on the same machine I changed all of my visual settings to their default settings. Used the Windows XP theme, returned to default settings for folder views, etc. Both problems ended.

Proxy Desktop must have something to do with all of the display settings for folders. If it comes back again, I will first apply the same formatting to all folders.

Manny Carvalho
21 Jul 2004, 16:55
The proxy desktop is related to windows Explorer freezing. If you open Task Manager you should see multiple instances of Explorer.exe. Ending the processes in Task Manager should stop the error message.

There's a rather obfuscated explanation at MSDN (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/shellcc/platform/shell/reference/functions/shsetinstanceexplorer.asp), under remarks.

In addition, please untick- Windows Explorer >Tools > Folder Options > View > Launch folder windows in a separate process - and see if that helps. Having this on is supposed to increase system stability by opening each folder in a separate part of memory. But sometimes performance takes a hit and may be related to this problem. Experiment!

20 Aug 2004, 01:20
...In addition, please untick- Windows Explorer >Tools > Folder Options > View > Launch folder windows in a separate process - and see if that helps.

I am not a user of the outpost firewall, but as i found out by following some googled links it seems, many people have the same Problem with "proxy desktop" & windows explorer, thinking of different software as the reason or trigger ... :eek:
Somebody found out, that it is not a problem with the windows-installation, the work-around was creating a new user and migrating all the original settings step-by-step ... :cool:
Maybe he did not check the "separate process"-box, he reported a working system. :)
And for me, after reinstalling my Windows XP professional, it was definitely a difference to the old state of my os, that i read something about increasing stability of windows and therefore checked that option.
Now i unchecked it and everything is fine ! :D :D
Thanks, Manny, you're the greatest !

Manny Carvalho
21 Aug 2004, 19:27
Thanks for registering and telling me that GeeKay. It was an educated guess, well, a guess really, on my part and I wondered if it would help. Thanks for the feedback.

22 Aug 2004, 19:56
De Nada.
Hope it helps all the other folks too ...

03 Sep 2004, 04:41
also not a user of outpost firewall, but I came across the same problem, and after disabling "open folders in a separate process" it went away... hopefully others will find this info useful.

Manny Carvalho
03 Sep 2004, 07:00
Thank you as well for the feedback. It's good to know that some solutions work.