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Thread: Menu isn't visible

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    ublix Guest

    Menu isn't visible


    I've install the Terrier. After that I see in the folder "Posteingang" two new folders: "Spam" and "Spamverdacht" - that's ok.

    If I start my Outlook I get the message to start the learning ... that's ok.

    If I get an Spam-E-Mail, it will be displaced in the new folder "Spam" - that's ok too - the very nice tool work right.

    But I can't see the new menu. Where can I make the new menu visible?

    My system: W2K SP4, Outlook 2000 SP3 (


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    pavement Guest

    Re: Menu isn't visible

    I have a similar problem using the spam plugin of Outpost Security Suite. I use Outlook 2003 and it appears that it occasionally shuts down the plugin because of errors. The solution for me was as follows:

    Click 'Help' then 'About Microsoft Office Outlook'.

    Click the 'Disabled Items' button at the bottom right of the box.

    Then 'Enable' Spam Terrier or Outpost Plugin.

    Hope this helps.

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    ublix Guest

    Re: Menu isn't visible


    Thank's for your message.

    I've solved my problem with a reinstall of the Terrier.
    After that, the new toolbar is visible now and works great.

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    maksud Guest

    Re: Menu isn't visible

    I have the same problem with Outlook 2003.
    1-st time when Terrier panel disappeared I've reinstalled application.
    But in a couple of days the panel disappeared again without any error message and reinstalling doesn't help.
    In 'Disabled Items' list there are no any item.
    How can I make it visible again?

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    Re: Menu isn't visible

    From Agnitum's Knowledgebase, an article which may help:
    How do I restore Spam Terrier's toolbar if it disappeared from Microsoft Outlook?.

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    distemper2010 Guest

    Unhappy Re: Menu isn't visible


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    Re: Menu isn't visible

    reinstalling the terrier doesn't proved to be much help to me. anyother alternative?

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    Re: Menu isn't visible

    if you have tried the technique above from the knowledge base, you are likely out of luck. spam terrier was always a bit of a lame duck here. you could try agnitum support for a laugh. scroll down to last item to contact support


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