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Thread: foobar2000 News

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    foobar2000 News

    foobar2000 is an advanced freeware audio player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include full unicode support, ReplayGain support and native support for several popular audio formats. Foobar2000 isn't just for early adopters or software jukebox fetishists. It doesn't mess with fancy buttons or bright colors, instead preferring a utilitarian, straightforward user interface to let the music speak for itself. foobar2000 uses tabs and panels to help the user navigate its plain, but functional, user interface. You can customize the interface using several layout options. Menu options and recognizable command buttons reside at the top of the window. Two panels, each with tabbed menus, reside on the left side of the window. From there, you can view the album list and the properties of a selected artist or song. You'll also find tabs for viewing a spectrogram, a spectrum, and VU meter of music currently being played, display album art, and synchronize with portable players including iPods.

    Main features
    • Supported audio formats: MP3, MP4, AAC, CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, SND... and more with additional components.
    • Gapless playback.
    • Full unicode support.
    • Easily customizable user interface layout.
    • Advanced tagging capabilities.
    • Support for ripping Audio CDs as well as transcoding all supported audio formats using the Converter component.
    • Full ReplayGain support.
    • Customizable keyboard shortcuts.
    • Open component architecture allowing third-party developers to extend

    Features added using optional official components:
    • Audio formats supported through official components: APE, ALAC.
    • Playback statistics.
    • Kernel streaming support.
    • ASIO support.
    • WASAPI output support.
    • CD burning support.
    • Ability to read within archives (7z, RAR, ZIP )

    Product Info: foobar2000
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    Re: foobar2000 News

    Additional components for foobar2000
    These components require foobar2000 0.9.3 or newer
    • Monkey's Audio decoding support
    • ALAC decoding support
    • CD burning support
    • Decoding speed test
    • Playback Statistics
    • Binary Comparator
    • Autoplaylist Manager
    • Kernel Streaming
    • ASIO support
    • Impulse response convolver

    More Info: foobar2000 Components

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    Re: foobar2000 News

    foobar2000 v1.3.7 Released

    Whats New:
    • Fixed FLAC seeking regression from the previous version.
    • Added support for MP4 DASH files.
    • Fixed PPHS resampler crash on extreme sample rates.
    • Fixed missing WavPack mime type handler.
    • Improved DirectSound output behaviors with low-latency configurations (mainly for new ABX Comparator)

    Download: foobar2000 1.3.7

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