Outpost's Security Products newest version 7.5.2 has been released today.

Release date: February 21, 2012
Version: 7.5.2 (3939.571.1809)

What’s New:

·The more stable Microsoft C++ RunTime library delivers smooth installation and stable product behavior
·The UI visualization library has been updated to enhance the product’s visualization performance
Proactive Protection:
·New system objects and critical locations are secured by System Guard, which helps to block unknown malware attempts to activate in the system and/or steal data
Anti-Malware (Anti-Spyware):
·Ability to unpack archives with Unicode national symbols in their names
·Sorting by Object and Type of objects in Quarantine
·New support for Java Archive and Android application package file formats for on-access detection
·First-pass reclassification of malware database to identify grayware samples

What’s Improved:

·Self-protection is improved, preventing malicious software from ending the GUI process
·Decreased file system load by applications that repeatedly access network resources via NetBIOS
Anti-Malware (Anti-Spyware):
·Improved usability of the restoration from Quarantine window
·Improved archive scanning

What’s Fixed:

·Causes of several of the most commonly reported crashes fixed
·Memory leaks fixed
Proactive Protection:
·Decreased amount of Smart Decision false positives
·Presets and automatiс rules creation suggested for suspicious and potentially dangerous software
·Display of lines in the Application Guard list is now accurate
·Several frequently-reported crashes and freezes fixed
·Problems with finishing training in earlier versions have been resolved
Web Control:
·IE9 crashes with Quick Tune enabled have been fixed
·Errors in the number of blocked sites in the Main Window have been fixed
Anti-Malware (Anti-Spyware):
·Possible issues with updates of the Anti-Spyware database have been fixed
·Language settings no longer reset during installation on top of a version using a different language
·Detection issues with SmartScan enabled have been fixed
·Issues with detection of malware in UPX archives have been fixed
·Issue with detection during context scan has been fixed
·Issue with inability to save files from Quarantine to other drives has been fixed.
·Visual issues in Network Activity and Process Activity have been fixed
·Visual issues in the logs have been fixed.

Download from the Main Agnitum Site: LINKY