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Thread: Bad review at PCMag

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    Exclamation Bad review at PCMag

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    Re: Bad review at PCMag

    I remember that when I read that last year thinking that the author needed more skill with his PC. Antispam aside, functionality that I don't use, his biggest complaint was of confusing popups and bad leak test behavior. Well, my thought was that if he doesn't understand the popups then he should have left it on auto-learn and allow OSS to make the decisions for him and he would never have seen the popups. We all know that this product is exceptionally highly rated in third party leak testing. There's no doubt that in the Wizard mode that the firewall and the behavior-based detection demands more from the user. It's like driving one of the those Indy 500 cars down the track. It can be done easily but if you want to be in front of the pack it takes some skill.

    I agree with you that the review is a bit disappointing as is the Editor Choice picks. None of those products will ever grace any machine I own.
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