To whom it may concern,

This post is for informational purposes only. I left this product a year ago for unresolved issues. However, i do have 277 days remaining on a license so i test it occasionally on new builds. Todays new build reveals that the dll file located at c:\progra~1\agnitum\outpos~1\wl_hoo~1.dll is causing the system to slow the boot process and generates a "WININIT" event warning in the log file. The fact that event ID 11 is a warning, does not reduce the impact this isssue is having on a fresh Windows 7 installation. There is a Corsair Force GT 240GB SSD drive in the system which is, the fatest Solid State Drive on the face of the earth, and boot times have increased with this warning/issue. Software that increases boot times on any SSD is pretty much (DNR) "Do Not Re-Install" in my opinion. In addtion, the Anti-Spam plug-in does not work with Outlook 2007. It freezes and Outlook fights for its own preservation on the system and shuts the plug-in down which is default behavior and by design. So for you people who are wonddering where your Outpost toolbar is in Outlook, you will find it in Outlook's list of disabled add-ons. This issue i escalated with Agnitum 50 days ago by sending the logs and still no response.

Gone for good are the days of stable, effective, protection once afforded by Outpost Firewall Pro... What a shame...


Windows 7 Pro 64-bit w/SP1
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.2