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Thread: Compatibility question...

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    Compatibility question...

    A question: is Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 1.5.2 compatible with Outpost Firewall? The knowledge base reports that these two products are not compatible, is it true?

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    Re: Compatibility question...

    Last updated in 2010, it may have changed wrt. Outpost 7.5. Try it or maybe contact Agnitum support for clarification.

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    Re: Compatibility question...

    It is just AV and not a security suite, right? If so, should pose a problem. I use MSE and used to use AVG, neither with any issues.
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    Re: Compatibility question...

    Good evening, All
    Say-me why Outpost Firewal Pro , is not compatible with K-A-V 2012. My Windows is XP SP3

    Thank-you for your response.

    Best regards
    f0dix - Claude.

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    Re: Compatibility question...

    See if this modification may help you out:

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    Re: Compatibility question...

    Thank-you " IGA-OP " for your response.
    May be this compatibility is possible with this site.

    See you later
    Best regards
    Claude - f0dix

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    Re: Compatibility question...

    i've tried panda cloud, worked OK with my OSS but i decided i didn't need it in addition. the idea of some amorphous group of people deciding what is or is not acceptable on my pc, or having my files distributed to some uncontrollable mass of pcs is disturbing. i also do not want to run apps not on my personal pc over the 'cloud'. i want everything to work if my adsl is down.


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