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Thread: Blank black screen on a website

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    brumby6 Guest

    Blank black screen on a website

    Hi, all.

    When I try to access one website, all I get is a blank black screen. Others an view, so it's not down.

    I have tried enabling everything in Active Content, for Web Pages and this one in general.

    I use DSL, Windows ME, IE6, WIndows Express and OP 1.0.1817.1645.

    Here is the site:


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    Hey brumby6,

    Added to active content, enabled java script, and refreshed the page using CTRL+F5 and it loaded up it was a tad slow though.
    My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.

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    root Guest
    You have to allow javascript, (js and vbscript) for the site to load.
    It took over 5 minutes for the page to load for me, but it did load. One bug picture that took 10 pictures to load - go figure.
    Anyway, I think if you clear your cache and have js allowed, it should load for you.
    I use Opera.

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    root Guest
    Man, you're on top of things tonight, MegaHertz.
    I'm on 56k and had to wait all night for the page to load.

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    brumby6 Guest
    I had Java and everything else enabled and it just gave me the black screen.

    HOWEVER, I reloaded IE6 and now it works!

    TY, everyone!

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